3 Critical Brain Health Hacks for Healing

Chances are you or someone you know is struggling with a brain-related illness. Whether it’s cognitive function, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or even a traumatic brain injury, this is a topic with extreme relevance to each of us.

Dr. Scott Noorda joined us in a Live Instagram conversation to explore this topic. Dr. Noorda is a Doctor of Functional Medicine and a Longevity Specialist. He is also the father of the amazing Bristol Noorda, who recently completed an internship with us at WebbWell. 

Man Sitting on edge of a cliff looking into a valley promoting his brain health.

What are three brain health hacks you can use Now to yield huge health benefits Later? By embracing the healing powers of nature, movement, and eating and supplementing in ways that support gut/brain health. Dr. Noorda speaks our language with his 3 Brain Health Hacks for Healing. 

Brain Hack #1: The Healing Power of Nature / Nature Deficit Disorder

Dr. Noorda talked about  “Nature Deficit Disorder,” which speaks to all of us at WebbWell. Dr. Noorda introduces us simply to the existence of “Nature Deficit Disorder” with the statement “Inherently, you just observe that you feel better when you’re in nature”. And he’s right! We as humans can tell the difference when we haven’t been connected with nature. Going outside is a brain health hack for all of us. We were built to be outside, and wasting our time indoors is hurting our physical and mental health. As Dr. Noorda says, we are  “missing out on the natural cycles happening in nature. When we connect with them they have an effect on our bodies and our brains.”

Dr. Noorda also explored other benefits that come from spending time outside, such as:

  • resets our circadian rhythm, leading to improved sleep
  • Helps reset abnormal, erratic signaling in the brain
  • Helps us escape harmful EMFs and over-stimulating blue light

Don’t know what to do outside? Dr. Noorda shared a few ideas:

  • Grounding, which means directly connecting yourself to the earth
  • Forest bathing, also known as shinrin-yoku, or for us here in Utah, “rock bathing”

Dr. Noorda’s point? We need to get outside, and get outside fast. He shared that “when you have a brain injury, there are many things you feel you can’t do. But nature is something everyone can do.” 

“We are missing out on the natural cycles happening in nature. When we connect with them they have an effect on our bodies and our brains.”

– Dr. Scott Noorda

Brain Hack #2: The Healing Power of Movement

The second brain health hack is the type of movement we can implement into our exercise that improves the function of our brain. Dr. Noorda outlined three types of movement with the greatest connection to brain health and healing: 

  • Aerobic, 
  • Strength Training, and 
  • Mind-body exercises (such as Yoga or tai chi). 

Dr. Noorda says that out of the three types of movements, “the most important thing is to move, and find a way to move that you enjoy.” One of the greatest brain health hacks is finding a physical activity that we enjoy. It ignites our body, ignites our brain, and we feel so much better physically, mentally, and even spiritually. 

Dr. Noorda also emphasizes the importance of trying new things. He said, “If you try to do anything different from your norm, your brain has to work a little bit harder.” The important thing is to start slow, in a safe place, and to build yourself up over time. Fitness is a journey, not a one-day activity. 

Brain Hack #3: Nutrition and Supplements for Brain Health

The third and final brain health hack Dr. Noorda discussed is optimal nutrition and supplements for brain health. “There’s a direct connection between our gut and our brain,” he says, so caring for our gut is caring for our brain as well. He shared that some great resources are fermented foods, which help us to “rebuild gut bacteria,” and antioxidant-rich foods are a must, as they help “fight the inflammation in our brain, in our gut, and all over the body.”

Dr. Noorda’s recommended supplements and nutrition include:

  • Colorful veggies and fruits
  • Creatine
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • CoQ10
  • Vitamin D
  • Nicotinamide (Synapsin)
  • Zinc
  • Omega 3s – especially DHA
  • Other Herbs and Spices
  • Over-the-counter probiotics

Dr. Noorda emphasizes that all the brain health hacks he shared with us, beginning with being outside and nature and ending with consuming what nature has provided, are accessible to everyone. We can find healing and hope in every direction, as long as we are well-informed and know where to go for evidence-based resources. If we’re smart, our brains will remain healthy and happy for years to come. 

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Thought Questions for the Reader

  1. How can you increase your time outdoors to decrease the symptoms of Nature Deficit Disorder in your own life? 
  2. What kinds of fermented foods can you introduce to your daily meals?
  3. Are you doing aerobic exercise, strength training, and incorporating mind-body movement into your health routine? If not, what’s something you’ve been curious about that you’re ready to try? 

Nature, Movement, and Brain Health

Nature is available to every single one of us, and we must reconnect with it for its healing benefits. At WebbWell, we’ve developed courses and opportunities to help you experience and share the healing power of nature. Check out our resources like “Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym” and our online course “Mother Nature’s Gym Outdoor Fitness Retreats” to explore the beauty of nature’s healing. Additionally, our WebbWell App offers a variety of workouts designed to strengthen muscles, challenge the body, and promote brain health. With relaxing sounds, nature scapes, and guided meditations, our app is more than just fitness—it’s a guide to longevity and well-being.

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To learn more about Dr. Scott Noorda, visit https://resolveutah.com/

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