Carbohydrates vs Fat Loss

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Are you wondering what the talk about macros is all about? It’s important to understand what a carbohydrate is before you implement a “macros” diet.

Are Carbohydrates Bad?

Carbohydrates are not inherently bad for you! They are a vital source of energy for the body. Carbs can be found in different substances including fruits, vegetables and grains which fuels the mind and muscles.

It can be confusing to distinguish healthy carbs and unhealthy carbs especially when they are most commonly thought of as grains. Carbohydrates can be found in sugar and other unhealthy snacks. It is good to do research on healthy vs unhealthy carbs if you’re unsure on which is better to eat.

The sugary carbohydrates and what can be used for energy is where many people get confused. Team member Alexa Frost, an exercise science major, explains that a healthy carbohydrate is a long-term energy source that can keep you energized when working out. Low-carb diets lead to fatigue quickly, which isn’t recommended if you are highly active.

How do Carbohydrates Relate to Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER)?

Respiratory exchange ratio (RER) is the measure of workout intensity against the substance that is being lost during that time i.e. fat or carbs. The table below is an example of an RER chart:

The section labeled “R” is the level of intensity someone is moving. 0.7 is a resting state, so anything above that is consistent movement. When analyzing the chart, you can see the different ratios of fat to carbohydrate burn-off. These ratios may slightly vary, but in general this is the breakdown of an RER chart.

Why Does It Matter?

Learning about carbohydrates, healthy and unhealthy sources, can empower your fitness journey. Each time we learn more about how the body works we become more prepared to reach our health and fitness goals. At WebbWell, we love introducing new ideas or topics of interest that aren’t well-known or discussed. This gives us a chance to learn and grow with our community!

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