Health is Wealth, my #1 Seriously Good Mantra

woman wearing sports bra and shorts doing a yoga pose on a desert cliff against the blue sky of sunset
Melanie Webb, of Sol Fitness Adventures in Kodachrome Basin State Park near Tropic, Utah on Friday, June 24, 2011. © 2011 Robert Seale

My Health is My Wealth

The old adage “health is wealth” may sound cliche, but it is more relevant than ever before. In a world where we are often too busy chasing financial success, it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of taking care of our physical and mental well-being. I’ve seen many a friend and client sacrifice their good health and sanity chasing the almighty dollar. And who can blame them? We’re getting too comfortable. We’re scared to take risks. We live in a mental cage of fearing regret and making bad choices and mistakes.

Melanie’s mantra: “my health is my wealth!”

Abundance vs. Wealth

I’ll never forget the lessons I learned after the market crash of 2008. I’d left a very successful personal training practice at a very exclusive gym in Washington, D.C. to reclaim the wild adventure and beautiful vistas of my home in the West. I landed in Montecito, California, only to realize that the recession had followed me west. In spite of the abundance of nature, there was a feeling of scarcity in the air that permeated everything. It seemed that even the billionaires had forgotten that their health was wealth.

Fast forward over 10 years, and I’ve come to look at that year as a wonderful sabbatical and learning experience. Times were lean and I had to be frugal. Sometimes the fear of failure struck. My “health is my wealth” was not yet my reality, because I was so stressed out worrying about losing money. But in the process of going for broke I discovered innovative methods of training clients, I reclaimed my active outdoor lifestyle with daily stand up paddling and hiking, and met some wonderful friends. Most important, I learned that true abundance has nothing to do with money.

Money may provide material comfort and ease, but it can never replace good health. When we invest in our health, we are making a long-term investment in our lives. Struggling to make a bold decision because you’re hung up on the money? Repeat after me: “health is wealth.”

Why Invest in your Health

Not only does taking care of our bodies and minds prevent illness and disease, but it also improves the quality of our lives in countless ways. Good health means we have more energy to:

  • pursue our passions,
  • spend time with loved ones, and
  • engage in activities that bring us joy.

It keeps us productive, allows us to think more clearly, and provides resilience to face life’s challenges. Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of staying healthy until they face a health crisis. The truth is, we do not need to wait for a crisis to prioritize our health and well-being.

What’s that mantra again? “Health is wealth.”

Health is Wealth

Regular exercise, healthy eating, stress management, and adequate sleep are simple yet powerful tools we can use to maintain our health and prevent illnesses. As a lifelong athlete and Performance Coach of nearly 30 years, I’ve learned certain lessons about my health the hard way. My old exercise routine used to be all “go” and no “stop.” The busier life gets, the more I realize I have to prioritize recovery and tailor my workouts exactly to my own needs. I apply the same discipline to my client training programs by personalizing the exercises and not getting swept away by passing trends that can increase cortisol levels or place unnecessary stress on the joints.

In conclusion, while financial success may provide temporary pleasure, it cannot compare to the long-term benefits of good health. I invite you to prioritize your physical and mental well-being, and make it a priority in your lives. After all, good health is the foundation for a happy, fulfilling life.

So for the last time, let’s all go post to our social media: health is wealth.

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