Top 5 Benefits of Sound Wellness Featuring Monique Derfuss

Woman with painted nails holding two mallets while creating sound wellness using white crystal bowls

What is Sound Wellness?

Sound Wellness was named one of the Top 10 wellness trends in 2022 by the Global Wellness Institute. It’s well-known within the wellness industry as a game-changing method of experiential healing. However, many people are still resistant to having their own experience with sound. 

I’ll never forget my first experience with sound healing. It was 2011; I’d been guiding and leading specialized outdoor fitness programs at Amangiri Resort, the most expensive hotel in the world, when I found myself in need of a mental and physical reboot. I found a talented bodyworker who lived in nearby St. George named Donelle who treated me to the most amazing combination of Hawaiian Body Temple massage combined with Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and even a gong at my feet. I was transported! I hadn’t done any psychedelics, but it was as if I had entered another dimension. For the first time in my life, I experienced my true essence: a being of light. All kinds of wonder were restored and I’ve been a fan of the “sound bath” ever since.

Sound wellness and chakra healing have been such powerful healing modalities in my own life. I was thrilled when Monique accepted my invitation to create a series of original sound healing compositions for the WebbWell App Relaxation Room. I sent Monique 5 rapid-fire questions for an Instagram Live, shared below in question and answer format. Enjoy!

The Inspiration Behind the Music

When I sat down with Monique, the first thing on my mind was discovering the inspiration behind the two sound meditations she created for the WebbWell App: “Anxietyscape” and “You are the Cosmos.” She said that her initial inspiration for these and every sound wellness project is the desire that people “have an experience as close to being in person with her” as possible. She “does all my takes in one track” to help the online audience have an authentic experience. 

Her anxiety meditation “Anxietyscape” was inspired by “looking at the chakra system”, as the meditation aims to open the heart and mind and heal anxious listeners. “You are the Cosmos,” however, was inspired by the idea of deep space. Monique says that she wants the meditation to be “playful” and allow the audience to just be “out there” among the stars.

The Process

After understanding the vision that Monique had for her sound wellness meditations, I wanted to know what the tools were that would make it all possible. Monique laughingly admitted that she was a “gong snob” at the beginning of her sound wellness career. However, in her own words, it’s “the use of such a variety of instruments [that] really allows us to explore.” Monique introduced us to  chimes, crystal bowls, and an ocean sound-simulating instrument called a whaleaphone. 

Monique offered us the secret as well to how sound wellness even came to be. It’s an ancient artwork, as “you can find examples of vibrational medicine in different parts of the world.” Sound wellness was anciently used in ceremonies to “treat energetic imbalances”, along with other ailments before it made its way to the Western world and grew in popularity in the late 60’s and 70’s. Monique said this unique history allows sound wellness experts to “really explore and take feedback. The work isn’t stifled by being a mainstream science, so those of us that do it… can go anywhere with it.”

Monique finally shared the amazing physical effects of sound wellness. When conducting a sound wellness session, the vibrations created are “stimulating the dermatomes (nerve endings) of the skin.” Why is this important? Simply because the skin is the largest organism in the body, meaning that sound wellness touches and moves the entire body. No matter who you are, “even the most active mind is affected. [Sound wellness] softens the control of the mind, which really helps you relax at another level.”

“Even the most active mind is affected. [Sound wellness] softens the control of the mind, which really helps you relax at another level.” 

– Monique Derfuss, sound and Reiki healer

The Personal Touch

Although sound wellness is an amazing resource for anyone seeking true overall wellness, it’s been just as healing and beneficial for Monique herself. She said, “My calling is to be in service, [doing sound wellness] is so in line with who I am, it brings me joy.” Monique shared that “it brings tears to my eyes when people can be more authentic because of the work they can do with the support of vibrational medicine.” 

We share this same sentiment with Monique here at WebbWell. The greatest work we get to do is when we serve you all. It’s truly a calling that life has given us to be able to help others become the best version of themselves. Whether through sound wellness, fitness programming, or even a simple inspirational quote in a blog, the change for us has been just as phenomenal as the change we see in the people we serve.

People laying down with blankets doing meditative practices.

Thought Questions for the Reader:

  1. How can you use sound wellness to increase your emotional and physical health?
  1. Which instrument resonates with you the most?
  1. How do you feel when you listen to ‘Anxietyscape’ and ‘You Are the Cosmos’ on the WebbWell app?

Music and Sound Wellness

We take our mental and physical health seriously at WebbWell. That’s why we commissioned Monique to contribute several sound wellness tracks for the WebbWell App. You’ll find that her relaxing sounds downregulate and relax the nervous system. We think the app is much more than a fitness app–it’s a guide to longevity and brain health in the palm of your hand!

Meet Monique Derfuss

Monique Derfuss is a sound healer, reiki healer and kundalini yoga instructor. This picture shows her smiling and wearing an amber necklace and white tank top.
Monique Derfuss of Santa Fe, New Mexico is a the special guest sound healer on the WebbWell App.

Monique is the founder of Sound Wellness out of Santa Fe, New Mexico and specializes in gong sound therapy, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Her purpose is to show up in service to others, and you can feel her love and light infused throughout every composition.

To work with Monique, visit

About Melanie Webb and WebbWell

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