Mother Nature’s Gym

An Outdoor Fitness Retreat Guide Certification

The ultimate guide to planning, leading and monetizing your own
outdoor fitness retreats.


Mother Nature’s Gym

An Outdoor Fitness Retreat Guide Certification

The ultimate guide to planning, leading and monetizing your own
outdoor fitness retreats.


What Melanie Webb offers in her Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym is a program that can help reconnect our patients and clients to an aspect of their being that is undernourished and therefore contributing to their depleted state. Melanie makes being in the outdoors fun, playful, yet pragmatic.

Karen Koffler smiling

Karen Koffler, M.D.
Medical Director of the Osher Integrative Medical Center at the University of Miami, Florida.

Expand Your Studio Into the Outdoors

Mother Nature’s Gym was created for Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Health and Mind-Body Coaches who have a passion for the active outdoor lifestyle. Increase the resiliency of your business with Mother Nature’s Gym Outdoor Fitness Guide Certification, by Melanie Webb.

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  • Learn how to lead outdoor fitness retreats that are transformational to the lifestyles of your clients and communities.
  • Add outdoor fitness retreats to your practice to help your community overcome the devastating impacts of a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Sharpen your outdoor fitness skill set and expand your practice into the outdoors.
  • Increase the adaptability and resiliency of your business.

The philosophies and pragmatic instruction in this book certainly comport with the standard of care for musculoskeletal health. As a member of the Board of Counselors at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery, I can strongly state that if the world followed the precepts espoused in this book, fewer people would require the skills that I can offer in clinic or in the operating room.

Paul Winterton

Paul Winterton M.D.
Board of Counselors, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Mother Nature's Gym Course Objectives

Think of Mother Nature’s Gym as the other half of your fitness toolkit. You already have all that you need to lead your clients in the indoor environment. Now you’ll add the missing ingredients by adding the inherent health and wellness benefits of the outdoors. Whether you plan to lead your first outdoor fitness retreat at a nearby lake, forest, or greenspace, this course will help you develop the confidence and competence to take that first step.

What You’ll Learn from this Course:

  • Build fitness retreats into an existing fitness or mind/body business practice with pricing strategies and partnerships with licensed outdoor recreation providers.
  • Mitigate risks and navigate the legalities of operating in the outdoors by acquiring the necessary level of training, and operating permits.
  • Plan your business strategy and secure liability insurance.
  • Design, plan, and lead your own outdoor fitness retreats using the Body-Weight Exercise Arsenal Library of over 40 exercises.
  • Combine fitness program design with guided outdoor excursions including hiking, stand up paddling, and cycling.
  • Harness the inherent health and wellness benefits of nature with guided observation and visualization activities.
  • Develop the essential skillsets of an outdoor fitness guide through built-in personal development and journaling activities.
  • Enhance your own connection to Mother Nature and the outdoors while helping clients relax, rejuvenate, and put their indoor fitness to the test.
  • Create gear lists, safety talks, and client intake forms, including specific examples for hiking, cycling, and stand up paddle excursions.
  • Brand, market, and sell a retreat tailored to your own clients and community.

Adventures in Mother Nature’s gym is emphasizing an incredibly important development in the fitness industry. This book changed my outlook on fitness. Melanie is so smart and in touch with the biology of how we can help advance our client’s health. I highly recommend this book to fitness professionals who are ready for innovation and integrating the benefits of nature into their practice.

J Schwartz

Jenn Schwartz
ACSM Exercise Physiologist, MAT Full Body Instructor, Host of Think Fit Be Fit Podcast,
and Founder, Impact Your Fitness, Alexandria, VA

As an ACE Certified Trainer, the exercise programming and instructional techniques that this course provides have proven incredibly valuable to myself, my business, and the clients I have helped.

Amie Kane Lee

Amie Kane-Lee
STOTT Pilates Instructor, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Small Business Owner

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