21-Day Workout Calendar: Beginner

Start Using the WebbWell app with Coach Melanie

Coach Melanie took the best content from her WebbWell app to provide 21-days of balanced workouts and recovery exercises that you can do anywhere!

Save time and get results with the WebbWell app and our 21-Day Workout Calendar for Beginners. WebbWell founder and performance coach Melanie Webb is here to help you start using the app on the right foot!

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Keep in mind that this plan isn’t customized to you specifically. Reach out to any of the coaches at WebbWell to create a master plan specifically for you and your body!

Well…are you ready to get fit with Melanie and the WebbWell Coaches?! Let’s get started! Make sure to tag us at @webbwellco on Instagram with your post-workout selfie so we can share.

Equipment Needed:

A yoga mat + set of dumbbells (5LB-15LBS+) + lightweight resistance bands

Each workout features various exercises. Your goal is to complete between 12-15 repetitions of 1-2 sets of each exercise. You can hit ‘pause’ and take a 1 minute rest anytime you need to. The goal is to work each muscle group to fatigue. If it’s too easy at the end of the set, increase the weight so that your muscles benefit from the challenge.


4-5 days / week using the content in the WebbWell Movement Studio and Relaxation Room and an additional 2 days outside.

Warmup Routine:

Just like a high-end sports car, the body likes to warm up and cool down. If we don’t assign you a warm up each day, be sure to select one from the Warm Ups and Cool Downs deck or take a walk for at least 5-10 minutes prior to jumping into your workout!

Keep Progressing with Our Intermediate and Advanced 21-Day Calendars

But wait—there’s more!

Wondering what comes after the first 21-Days? Once you’ve finished with this Beginner Workout Calendar you’re ready to progress to the Intermediate, then the Advanced Workout Calendars. We’ll always be adding more of our favorite, fun, and effective workouts, so keep an eye out for what’s next!

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