Two hands holding soil and a small green succulent plant represent taking action on earth day

Earth Day Impact: 3 Ways to Take Meaningful Action

We aspire to inspire you to take action and make this an Earth Day to remember! We know that you all have ideas that go beyond ours, and we want you to share them with us. After all, WEAreWebbWell. Join us on the free WebbWell Online Community and share your creative ideas and successes. It’s when we work together that we make a difference for our planet.

Group of women hiking.

The Best Hiking and Running Trails in Utah

Two years ago I partnered with Stasherbags to highlight the U.S.A.’s Most Scenic Trails for Every Hiker. That was such a fun project that I want to do it again – this time with an emphasis on my specialty area, Utah. Featured here are excerpts of the Stasher article, with a few bonuses of my favorite trails that didn’t make the cut two years ago.

Image of the beach with waves crashing on the shore. This represents what makes our earth beautiful for earth month.

Embracing Earth Month to Positively Affect Ourselves and The Planet

Welcome to Earth Month, a time dedicated to celebrating and preserving our planet’s natural beauty. As April unfolds, it brings with it a gentle reminder of the significance of environmental awareness and conservation efforts. This month, let’s join hands in honoring Earth Day and embracing the spirit of Earth Month by reconnecting with nature and exploring outdoor activities that nourish both our souls and our planet. 

Two women wearing winter clothing creating healthy habits by hiking with trekking poles on a sunny day in the snow

Embracing Change: From Fitness Failures to Lasting Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits are the Key to Fitness Success As the New Year rolls in, many of us feel pressured to set ambitious fitness resolutions. The promise of a healthier, fitter, even age-defying version of ourselves lurks around every newsfeed and TikTok trend. It’s so…human, really, to start the year with excitement and commitment. By March … Read More