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Recovery Methods Part 4: Putting it all Together for Peak Performance

I encourage you to begin thinking of recovery methods as the yin to your yang. In other words, your training program is incomplete, insufficient, and completely out of balance without one. So no more excuses! The world’s best athletes are taking time to recover, and we can all apply some of that good wisdom to our own active lifestyles.

woman wearing all black athletic attire standing in front of a Porsche 911 stock car named The Fool at the Daytona International Raceway

Recovery Part One: The Role of Nutrition

In the realm of recovery, nutrition serves as a cornerstone for optimizing performance and aiding the body’s restoration process. Food is the fuel that powers the body’s ability to bounce back from intense physical exertion. The first installment of our four-part recovery series sheds light on the pivotal role of nutrition in recovery.

Athletic woman running outside

5 Prevalent Lactic Acid Myths: Debunked

Learn about lactic acid myths that aren’t true! You know that feeling of soreness you get after a great workout? It’s not what you think! For so long we’ve been led to believe false truths about lactic acid in our bodies. WebbWell intern Alexa Frost is majoring in Exercise Science at Brigham Young University this … Read More

Consistent exercise is the key to the two athletic women doing yoga poses outside on the grass

3 Important Benefits of Consistent Exercise

Consistent exercise includes mental, spiritual, and physiological benefits. Consistent exercise can help manage and prevent a number of health conditions. For example, it can help with weight management, which is crucial in reducing the risk of obesity-related issues like diabetes. Exercise can also improve  our immune system, making it easier for our bodies to fight … Read More

Exercise as creative self expression. Person on stand up paddleboard in tropical ocean area.

Leverage 5 methods of powerful Self-Expression to Enhance Well-being

Blog writing, photography, meme design, video creation and exercise are all ways to amplify self-expression. Self-expression is not just important, it is downright essential for living a truly authentic life filled with meaningful and fulfilling experiences. Through self-expression, we connect with our inner selves, gain a deeper understanding of our place in the world, and … Read More