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Learn a new approach to fitness AND earn CEC’s.

Mother Nature’s Gym Outdoor Fitness is approved for 1.3 Continuing Education Credits from American Council on Exercise.

Harness nature’s restorative impact on the body and mind and transform your clients lives with Mother Nature’s Gym Outdoor Fitness, by Melanie Webb.


Be a part of the change.

Mother Nature’s Gym
$250 USD

Mother Nature’s Gym Outoor fitness

for FITPrOS and Corporate GROUPS


Workshop Bundles

Online Course
Mother Nature’s Gym


Customized Plans

Corporate Consulting
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The World Needs a New
Fitness Solution

What happens when people believe they have to go indoors to move? We end up with more illnesses and chronic diseases and stripped of our instinctive, wild, and necessary part of the human experience—adventure!

Our sedentary lifestyle has led to high rates of obesity, anxiety and depression, nature deprivation and digital distraction. Entire countries are burdened by the healthcare costs of preventable illnesses. Meanwhile the oceans are full of plastic, ecosystems are collapsing, and the Earth bears the brunt of our indifference. 

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What Melanie Webb offers in her Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym is a course that can help reconnect our patients and clients to an aspect of their being that is undernourished and contributing to their depleted state.

Karen Koffler, M.D., Medical Director of the Osher Integrative Medical Center at the University of Miami, Miami, Florida.


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everything You Need to Succeed

Access 13-hours of original content in various formats.

Learn at your own pace.

Earn 1.3 Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s) from American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Receive a Certificate of Completion when you score 70% or higher.

BONUS: 40+ Body weight Exercise-Arsenal of online videos to pair with your own outdoor fitness retreats.

BONUS: Sample waivers, gear lists, safety talks and intake forms for various outdoor activities.

BONUS: Get ON DEMAND and LIVE Body + Mind + Nature instruction with the WebbWell app and a 7-Day FREE Trial

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Take your indoor practice outside

Strengthen the resilience of your business by breaking free of the indoor and remote training.

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Deepen your impact & influence

Increase your ability to support your client’s physical, emotional, and mental health.

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Reconnect yourself with nature

Be a change agent in the well being of your clients, community, and the planet.


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your health is your wealth

Mother Nature’s Gym blows the walls and the ceiling off what Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, and Mind-Body instructors can—and cannot—do with their clients indoors. 

What new doors will this course open? For one, your training studio will expand to your favorite nearby forest, lake, or green space. You will no longer be limited to earning money as an hourly employee or stuck staring at a screen to train remote clients.

Think of Mother Nature’s Gym as an added skill set to your fitness toolkit. You already have all that you need to lead your clients in the indoor gyms and studios. Now you’ll add what’s been missing—the restorative, healing power of nature. No matter where you want to lead your first outdoor fitness retreat, this course will help you develop the confidence and competence to take that first step.

“The philosophies and pragmatic instruction in this book certainly comport with the standard of care for musculoskeletal health.

As a member of the Board of Counselors at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery, I can strongly state that if the world followed the precepts espoused in this book, fewer people would require the skills that I can offer in the clinic or in the operating room.”

Paul Winterton M.D., Board of Counselors, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

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Let’s Go Explore in Mother Nature’s Gym

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Who the Course is For

Mother Nature’s Gym Outdoor Fitness is for Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Health, Mind-Body, and Performance Coaches with a passion for the active outdoor lifestyle.

Corporate Consulting + Course Bundle is for organizations who want to add outdoor fitness retreats to their business programming, certify staff, or add a fitness expert to their team.

Jenn Schwartz

“The course for fitness pros ready to innovate and integrate the benefits of nature into their practice.”

Jenn Schwartz, ACSM Exercise Physiologist, MAT Full Body Instructor, Host of Think Fit Be Fit Podcast and Founder, Impact Your Fitness, Alexandria, VA

Mother Nature’s Gym outdoor fitness

is for You if:


You have a passion for nature or outdoor fitness


You want to transform the health and well being of your clients


Your income has been impacted by shutdowns


You need to pivot and adapt to economic circumstances


You’re constrained by virtual teaching formats


You feel limited by the financial limitations of hourly workouts

This course is well thought out and challenges the reader’s critical thinking skills by empowering them to put theory into action. Melanie’s qualifications alone make the book stand out as a credible resource.

Sarah Anisman, M.S. Kinesiology and Sport Psychology, Owner of Yoga Lab Mammoth

Build Business

Add fitness retreats to your fitness or mind-body practice.

Maintain and increase your competitive edge.

Mitigate the risks of operating outdoors.

Expand Skills

Design, plan, and lead your own outdoor fitness retreats.

Combine fitness program design with guided outdoor activities.

Harness the health benefits of nature.


Develop the essential skill sets of an outdoor fitness guide.

Enhance your own connection to Mother Nature.

Create gear lists, safety talks, and client intake forms.


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Get Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s)

Mother Nature’s Gym Outdoor Fitness is approved for CEC’s with ACE.

Follow these steps to begin your study, get certified, and receive 1.3 CEC’s:

  1. Purchase and download the online course.
  2. Study the online course at your own pace (about 13 hours).
  3. Take the quiz and submit to WebbWell for grading at the address provided.
  4. Receive your Certificate of Completion.

Melanie Webb Featured On

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THREE Mother Nature’s Gym
COURSE Options

Online Course Bundle

Group Workshop

Corporate Consulting

Online Course

Mother Nature’s Gym Outdoor Fitness Course Materials:

Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym, The Business Workbook, Journaling, Body-weight Exercise Library, Exam.

Certificate of Completion


Workshop Bundle

3-hr Remote or In-person Workshop. BONUS Trip Costs Spreadsheet.

Mother Nature’s Gym Outdoor Fitness Online course materials:

Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym, The Business Workbook, Journaling, Body-weight Exercise Library, Exam.

Exclusive Invitation to contribute to Mother Nature’s Gym Online Oasis Private Facebook Group.

Certificate of Completion

Mother Nature’s Gym Badge

Live Interview on Instagram or Facebook LIVE invitation


Amie Kane Lee headshot

“As an ACE Certified Trainer, the exercise programming and instructional techniques that this course provides have proven incredibly valuable to myself, my business, and the clients I have helped.”

Amie Kane-Lee, Pilates Instructor & Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist

Corporate Consulting
+ Course Bundle

Corporate Bundle

One x 60-minute Remote Discovery Meeting.

Two x 60-minute Strategy and Program Development Sessions.

Customized Service Proposal.

Mother Nature’s Gym Outdoor Fitness Online Course. Includes Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym, The Business Workbook, Journaling, Body-weight Exercise Library, and Certificate of Completion.

Onsite Workshop for up to 10 staff

Up to 6 x Site Visits with Outdoor Retreat Facilitation. 

Mother Nature’s Gym Badge

Unlimited email and phone support

Custom Pricing

Get Your CertificatE OF COMPLETION



Coursework includes the two-part Mother Nature’s Gym Course Bundle.


Study the printed course materials at your own pace (about 13 hours).


Purchase the Quiz here at (available with purchase of Course only)


Take the quiz and submit it for grading. You must score 70% in order to pass earn CEC’s.


Congratulations! Upon passing you will receive your Certificate of Completion by email. 

*If you do not pass, you may retake the test. Please allow up to 10 days for grading and notification.


Webb Well App Screen showing back extensions lesson

the perfect companion to the Coursework

Imagine: a fitness app grounded in evidence-based practices.

The WebbWell App is created by fitness pros in partnership with digital experts.

Our founder, Melanie Webb, and the expert fitness coaches and mind-body instructors at WebbWell have worked with real life clients for decades.

We take the results we’ve achieved through our own Body+Mind+Nature expertise and help our clients transform their health. Now, for the first time, we’re making our expert knowledge easily accessible to everyone through an app.



Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym

Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym is included in the online course.

Harness nature’s restorative impact on body and mind! Learn the practical skills you need to safely lead clients on outdoor fitness retreats with this timely new fitness solution.

DEPARTURES Magazine calls Melanie “The person to call for guided travel” for good reason. Melanie is recognized as a leader in the adventure travel industry and an innovator in outdoor fitness retreats. Her work is at the cutting edge, paving the way for others to discover that fitness is more than just a gym workout—it’s a way of life.

I’ve known Melanie for more than a decade and her knowledge of fitness combined with her passion for the outdoors makes her an excellent facilitator for outdoors-based fitness programs.

Pete McCall, M.S., Author, and Podcast Host, All About Fitness

Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym – The Book

The definitive guide to reclaiming the instinctive, wild and essential aspect of the human experience through outdoor adventure.

The book is a must for non-professionals with an interest in enhancing their own personal fitness and connection to the natural world.

Discover why fitness is more than just a gym workout—it’s a Way of Life!

the webbwell app

A great fitness or wellness app should have the same qualities as your favorite performance coach or guide: smart, nurturing, fun, and easy to work with.

We built WebbWell on a platform that comes fully loaded with the integrations required by today’s top fitness leaders. Join us to explore the expansive possibilities of pairing technology with the sensuality of Mother Nature.

Be part of the technological wellness solution!