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Adventures in MOTHER NATURE’S GYM The Ultimate Guide to Planning and Leading Your Own Outdoor Fitness Retreats gives you the tools to reclaim that instinctive, wild, and very necessary part of the human experience—outdoor adventure!

Whether you are a fitness instructor, work in a clinical setting, or simply want to improve the health of your family, Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym contains a set of tools that everybody can apply to their own practice.

Fitness and adventure travel expert Melanie Webb presents the latest scientific research of how and why being outdoors benefits the human body and mind. She shares how to combine sport specific exercises with real outdoor adventures including hiking, cycling, and stand up paddling.


$24.95 USD – Paperback
$9.99 USD – eBook

Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym

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Discover a new fitness solution

De-stress by adding regular outdoor adventures to your family life and routine.

Relax with guided imagery and games created for water and forest environments.

Reconnect with nature by understanding its critical role in your life and well being.

Deepen your relationship to your own body and the natural environment with our Journal prompts.

Learn how to use Awe and Flow States to improve your health and vitality.

BONUS: Get moving with The Sol Guide Method and our Body weight Exercise-Arsenal of Videos

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Your instinctive humanity.

Improve your health, attitude, and outlook on life by adventuring outside.

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And unwind your mind.

Increase your ability to experience Awe, create Flow and make a positive impact.

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Yourself with nature.

Immerse yourself in nature’s restorative beauty and tap into endless healing.


$24.95 USD – Paperback
$9.99 USD – eBook

Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym


Be a part of the change.

Mother Nature’s Gym
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