For the Dedicated

Private Performance coaching runs in 90 day programs and comprehensively covers meeting with your physician, a 10-day Body, Mind, Nature DIY Challenge and a full Eating Behavior Assessment.

Body + Mind + Nature:
The WebbWell Way

WebbWell Way of Life Infographic depicting Body, Mind, Nature, Productivity and Connectivity.


We take the results we’ve accomplished through Body + Mind + Nature experiences and guide clients through a restorative recovery process.





We help our clients transform their understanding of health and wellness by sharing our own discipline, drive, and determination.





We do our work with courage, compassion, and creativity. Through body and mind immersion in nature, your meaning of “well” changes.




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Performance Coaching isn’t for everyone – it’s for the seriously, insanely, dedicated.

All coaching is private and follows an intense 90 day schedule that comprehensively covers all areas of your health – not just your physical training.

We’ll be coordinating with your physician, building science based nutrition programs and diving deep into your unique behaviors.

this program is customized to your unique biology combined with the world class advantages of Mother Nature’s Gym.

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Your Health is Your Wealth

“Melanie is very professional and passionate. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve results.”

Eric Wold, Park City, Utah


One x 60-minute In-person Discovery Meeting

One x 30-minute Physician and/or Spouse/partner Discovery Meetings

Fitness Programming and Periodized Training Plan

One x 30-minute Follow-up with physician and/or spouse 

7-day Eating Behavior Assessment 

Nutritionist Evaluation and 3-month Customized Meal Plan

 WebbWell 10-day Body, Mind, Nature DIY Challenge 

Shared album of your Customized Exercise Videos 

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36 x 1-hour Private Fitness Programming

Programming Includes:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Strength Training
  • Eating Behavior
  • Breathwork
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Life Skills
  • Physical Therapy Home Rehab (if applicable)
  • Guided Outdoor Fitness Activities

Melanie, in respect and admiration for all you did for me.

Tefft Smith, Washington, D.C.

Private Performance Coaching program acceptance is currently extremely limited and handled on a case-by-case basis. Schedule a discovery call if you feel you’re a great fit.

Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym – The Book

The definitive guide to reclaiming the instinctive, wild and essential aspect of the human experience through outdoor adventure.

The book is a must for non-professionals with an interest in enhancing their own personal fitness and connection to the natural world.

Discover why fitness is more than just a gym workout—it’s a Way of Life!

the webbwell app

A great fitness or wellness app should have the same qualities as your favorite performance coach or guide: smart, nurturing, fun, and easy to work with.

We built WebbWell on a platform that comes fully loaded with the integrations required by today’s top fitness leaders. Join us to explore the expansive possibilities of pairing technology with the sensuality of Mother Nature.

Be part of the technological wellness solution!