immerse yourself in the
beauty of nature

Immersed in the rejuvenating beauty of nature, with the courage, compassion, and creativity of your loving, expert outdoor fitness guide, you will have access to all you need to transform not only your understanding—but also your experience of what it means to be ‘well.’

Programs include Mother Nature’s Gym Outdoor Fitness for fitness professionals, Immersive Retreats for everyone and Private Performance Coaching for the seriously dedicated.

person walking through the woods.


Melanie Webb walking through canyon in a small creek



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The World Needs
a New Fitness Solution

What happens when people believe they have to go indoors to move? We end up with more illnesses and chronic disease states than ever and stripped of our instinctive, wild, and very necessary part of the human experience—adventure!

Our sedentary lifestyle has led to high rates of obesity, anxiety and depression, nature deprivation and digital distraction. Entire countries are burdened by the healthcare costs of preventable illnesses. Meanwhile the oceans are full of plastic, ecosystems are collapsing, and the Earth bears the brunt of our indifference. 


Melanie webb walking through a slot canyon

We believe that business is a team sport.

We do our work in the world with Courage, Compassion, and Creativity.

We take the Results we’ve accomplished through our own Body+Mind+Nature expertise and help our clients transform their understanding and experience of health and wellness by sharing our own Discipline, Drive, and Determination.

Welcome to the WebbWell Way of Life. Let’s go explore in Mother Nature’s Gym.

body + mind + nature:
the webbwell way

WebbWell Way of Life Infographic depicting Body, Mind, Nature, Productivity and Connectivity.


We take the results we’ve accomplished through Body + Mind + Nature experiences and guide clients through a restorative recovery process.





We help our clients transform their understanding of health and wellness by sharing our own discipline, drive, and determination.





We do our work with courage, compassion, and creativity. Through body and mind immersion in nature, your meaning of “well” changes.




Mother Nature’s Gym OUTDOOR FITNESS
ONLINE COURSE For Fitness Professionals

Mother Nature’s Gym blows the walls and the ceiling off what Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, and mind-body instructors can—and cannot—do with their clients indoors.

Think of Mother Nature’s Gym as an added skill set to your fitness toolkit. You already have all that you need to lead your clients in the indoor gyms and studios. Now you’ll add what’s been missing—the restorative, healing power of nature. No matter where you want to lead your first outdoor fitness retreat, this course will help you develop the confidence and competence to take that first step.

Mother Nature’s Gym Full Immersion Retreats
For Everybody

We do things a little differently at WebbWell. Our 21-Day and 10-Day Immersion Retreats are about the transformation that needs to take place on the inside. You’ve been out of touch with yourself for too long, and it’s yourself that you need to reconnect with. This isn’t about the newest luxury property or the most exclusive resort. The luxuries you’ll find on our retreats are the ones you need the most—nature, time, and solitude.

Immersed in the healing surroundings of nature, with the support, companionship, and guidance of your loving, expert wellness guide, you will have everything you need. You are bound to succeed!

Private Performance Coaching
For The Seriously Dedicated

Performance Coaching isn’t for everyone – it’s for the seriously, insanely, dedicated. Private Performance coaching runs in 90 day programs and comprehensively covers meeting with your physician, a 10-day Body, Mind, Nature DIY Challenge and a full Eating Behavior Assessment.

During the 90 days there are 36 sessions that addresses all areas of your health: from cardiovascular, flexibility and mobility to breath work, mindfulness and meditation.

Adventures in Mother Nature’s Gym – The Book

The definitive guide to reclaiming the instinctive, wild and essential aspect of the human experience through outdoor adventure.

The book is a must for non-professionals with an interest in enhancing their own personal fitness and connection to the natural world.

Discover why fitness is more than just a gym workout—it’s a Way of Life!

the webbwell app

A great fitness or wellness app should have the same qualities as your favorite performance coach or guide: smart, nurturing, fun, and easy to work with.

We built WebbWell on a platform that comes fully loaded with the integrations required by today’s top fitness leaders. Join us to explore the expansive possibilities of pairing technology with the sensuality of Mother Nature.

Be part of the technological wellness solution!