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Movement Studio, Relaxation Room, and 21-Day Challenges include:

  •     Mobility and strength training
  •     Yoga and qigong flows
  •     Meditations and breathwork
  •     3 weeks of workouts

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Join our newest 21-Day Challenges, floor pilates and recovery series.

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Barbara Hall

Movement Studio

Featuring our favorite colleagues and fitness instructors from a variety of backgrounds and mind-body disciplines. Get ready to:

  • Mix and match warmups, workouts and cool downs from 5 to 30-minutes long 
  • Save time with 21-Day Challenges for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced exercisers
  • Defeat boredom and plateaus with new content and instructors added all the time
  • Simplify your life with integrated fitness and recovery content in one app

Relaxation Room

Which form of meditation is best? The one you’ll actually do!

  • Unwind your mind with meditations from 2-minutes to 30-minutes
  • Choose from Breathwork or Guided Imagery
  • Chill out with Sound Meditations featuring crystal bowls, gongs and KOSHI chimes
  • Maximize creativity with videos and soundscapes of nature
  • Shift from funk to flow with qigong and yoga
  • Relax to Grammy Nominated musicians Douglas Morton and Russ Jones

21 Day Challenges

Reap the rewards of consistency and add variety to your workouts with three unique challenges:

  • Choose from Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
  • Start Anytime, Anywhere
  • Download our 21-Day Calendar PDF’s to keep you on track
  • Lose weight, gain muscle mass, increase flexibility and mobility
  • Featuring top workouts from our guest coaches and colleagues

WEBBWELL App Delivers

  • Video, audio, and written instruction
  • Take your coach with you
  • Progress safely
  • Do it when you can 
  • Start anytime from anywhere

Featured Fitness Instructors

  • Melanie Webb, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Author
  • Amie Kane-Lee, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Stott Pilates
  • Rachel Friedman Elberts, The Stoke Coach
  • Jennifer Simone Schwartz, NASM Personal Trainer, MAT, Podcast Host
  • Laurent Amzallag, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Paul Medina, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Richard Parker, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Christopher Rodousakis, Certified Personal Trainer and Alignment Specialist
  • Charles Carson, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Everett Shipmon, Certified Personal Trainer
  • Monique Derfuss, Reiki Healer and Sound Practitioner
  • Katie Altmann, Neuromodulation Techniques
  • Tedi Searle, 200-hr Yoga Instructor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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